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Unique and efficient method for improving the problem-solving skills of its students. This course is great for those who are gearing up for a math competition or for those who just want to become faster and do not want to depend too much on their calculator

5,000+ Students

4 courses have helped over 5k students (and counting) over a period of 2 years.

35+ Years experience

Authored by researchers in Mathematics with rich experience in the industry.


What are students saying

Excellent way to learn mathematics, it was never so fun it is like magic, really enjoying it

Uttam Salian

September 3rd,2018

My 8-year-old and she is so excited about math now!!” Thanks

Tariq Ziad

March 23rd, 2018


Our Course Offerings

Faster than Calculator, Speed Math Techniques & Mental Math

2 hours, 57 minutes

Mental math, Vedic Math and Quick Math shortcuts that speed up your calculations with strengthening math Fundamentals.

Vedic Maths Revealed – Faster Way Math Calculations

2 hours 37 minutes

Speed math, Quick Math Shortcuts, Basic Math Fundamentals to enhance Mental Math

Algebra – Division Without Dividing – Vedic Math Shortcuts

42 minutes

Fast maths, quick maths, mental maths, speed maths, math shortcuts

Geometry: Making Angles With & Without Compass-Easy Math

1 hour 33 minutes

Learn to construct angles with a compass and also to construct angles with FREE-HAND-DRAWING and learn Types of Angles